The Science

So no doubt you want to know how Brilliant works? Well pay attention at the back, here comes the science bit…

Traditionally, home teeth whitening kits use a variety of bleaches to strip away stains caused by nicotine, caffeine and those dirty tannins found in tea and red wine.

While peroxide (you ‘natural’ blondes will be familiar with this), is the most common bleaching agent used in at-home teeth bleaching agent in the States, it has to be used in such high concentrations to be effective, that this side of the pond we prefer to play it safe with a gentler approach.

Cue Chlorine Dioxide, the super-cleaning ingredient found in Brilliant's Gentle Formula. When the Accelerator and Whitening Gel mix together, the resulting Chlorine Dioxide gently lifts away the stains to reveal whiter teeth without running the risk of damaging the surface enamel of your teeth or your delicate gums. Brilliant!

DIY or Pay a Professional?

While a trip to the dentist’s chair can be expensive, at-home formulas are often ineffective, as legally they can only use a maximum of 0.1% peroxide - too small an amount to cause any damage, but also too minute to effectively remove stains. This is why Brilliant stands out from the crowd, using an alternative whitening technology that delivers impressive results, gently and effectively, and without the hefty price tag.




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