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Diamond bright, pearly whites can be yours with the latest fast-acting fixes from Brilliant. Find your perfect product with our trouble-shooting treatment guide:

starter kit

1 Week Tooth Whitening Kit

Best for:

Teeth-whitening virgins who want to try the Brilliant system before buying the bigger kit. The three mini tubes provide all you need for a one-week trial, enough time to leave your smile looking up to three shades lighter.

Brilliant Smile Gentle Whitening

2 Week Tooth Whitening Kit

Best for:

Creating a super sparkling smile, thanks to Brilliant’s gentle peroxide-free formula designed to lift and lighten your teeth colour by up to six shades in a fortnight. The perfect investment for a special occasion when you have plenty of time to tackle those unsightly stains. Use the Accelerator, Whitening Gel and Toothpaste twice a day for best results.

Brilliant Whitestick Pen - Teeth Whitening Products

5 Minute Tooth Whitening Kit

Best for:

A quick, convenient and inexpensive introduction to home whitening kits which will whiten your teeth up to 4 shades whiter in just one week.

Brilliant Toothpaste - Teeth Whitening Products

Brilliant Advanced Whitening Toothpaste

Best for:

Boosting your new whitening regime. Trade your regular toothpaste for Brilliant’s special blend formula (just like the one your dentist uses) designed for daily dental maintenance of your gorgeous new smile.

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